Protection of the environment

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

UCIC, the first company in Italy which adopted raw materials of low environmental impact, is aiming at a constant improvement.

For many years, our solvent-based products have been formulated with dearomatised white spirit, which contains the lowest percentage of aromatic compounds harmful to health.

Lead and lead-based desiccatives have been eliminated.

Our products already respect the European Community Directive, in accordance to VOC regulations (Volatile Organic Compounds) n° 42 dated 2004 for the 2010.

Our colorants are not labelled as noxious, as they have new criteria for formulation and are APEO FREE.

The tinning  paste from our Tintometric System, COLORDREAM, have also  been formulated with VOC approximate to zero.

Hence we have decided to promote procedures for the formulation of environmentally-friendly products, keeping an eye on the protection of our employees’ health, the safeguard of our Customers depending on what today’s raw material market offers and on the products typology.

Useful suggestions to our Customers for environmental protection:
Try to use all the content in the pail or can.
Let the container with traces of paint dry outdoor.
If possible, reuse the container as a tool-case.
Never throw paint residuals into sewerage or drainpipes.

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