Bianca Colors

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

From the six amazing Bianca’s basis by UCIC, Bianca Colors is born with its new and thrilling decorative nuances: surprising Colors and shades set your walls up, giving an astonishing effect.

Bianca Colors shades (Bianca Solo, Bianca Argento e Bianca Oro basis) are suitable for a gently mat effect (Bianca Solo) or a mildly metal one (Bianca argento or oro). Whereas Bianca Colors Vulcano shades (Bianca Solo Vulcano, Bianca Argento Vulcano e Bianca Oro Vulcano basis), with trowel application, show an ancient awesome encaustic painting effect, that will make your house really unique.

The special extender in Bianca Colors Vulcano, makes your decoration full-bodied and sandy. Bianca Colors and Bianca Colors Vulcano lines, guaranteed by UCIC “Made in Italy”, with their excellent adhesion, can be easily applied with trowel or spalter (showing two pleasant and different effects), they are water resistant and suitable for crowded environments.

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