Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Light surfaces

New color effects, amazing effects, complete freedom of expression: are the lines of decorative products UCIC, Bianca and Bianca Vulcano.


Unique products for fresh flavor and pleasantly unexpected results: choose Bianca Oro and Bianca Argento for a slightly metallic effects, Bianca Solo for more matt effects.


If what you want is the current revision of a remarkable effect of ancient memory, then your choice will be Bianca Argento Vulcano or Bianca Oro Vulcano, that, thanks to the application by trowel or spatula, recreate with a single coat, a magnificent "encausto" effect, which will embellish the walls of your home.


The special inert content in Bianca Argento Vulcano and Bianca Oro Vulcano makes the decorations have a full-bodied pleasantly unexpected texture and a "sandy" appearance.


From exceptional basis UCIC Bianca and Bianca Vulcano with the union of our colorants Totocolor and Softcolor arise new and exciting decorative nuances: amazing colors and shades will give life, on your walls, to effects that will amaze you.


To further enhance your walls, you can also add our Glitter Gel Additives Profumi di Stelle.


The lines Bianca and Bianca Vulcano, guaranteed by the "Made in Itay" Ucic, can be easily applied by spatula or brush (with two nice effects and different from each other), adhere well to substrates, are washable and are therefore also suitable for well frequented environments.

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