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Metallic Luster

UCIC introduces Cyberlux, a precious decorative metallic water-based finish. Cyberlux comes in 12 different basic colors, ready to be used or to be stained with our colorants.

The 12 basic colors of Cyberlux reproduce the look of the precious metals and represent a valid alternative to the use of gold leaf. They will be the perfect touch to your environment: class or modern interiors, prestigious or valuable historic buildings

A metallic effect will give gently 'intimacy' and prestige to all your space.

Cyberlux is "Made in Italy", the true guarantee of a quality that lasts.

CYBERLUX, water-based acrylic colours, reproduce the look of noble metals and represent a valid alternative to the traditional “golden leaf technique” fetc..or decorating objects or for walls decoration of shops, luxury villas, hotels, etc..

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