Profumi di Stelle

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

The "Made in Italy" UCIC experience created the first multi-sensory program of decoration: Profumi di Stelle

Ucic wanted to associate with the colour (sense of view) the substance (sense of touch) and the perfumes (sense of smell).

The colour evokes emotions, the perfumes and the substance evoke emotion and so all these three senses are involved and combined, The program Profumi di Stelle consists of: 9 scented Glitter Gel to be added to the clear coat finishes or to Ucic decorative products, 2 metallic Additives and 2 transparent Finishes (smooth and grainy), to give protection and tactility to the surface to be decorated.

A mix of humor and harmony, among old world recipes and a timeless magic, no boundaries except those of olfactory perception, the instinctive preference of colour and substance. Every color and every fragrance tells a story: the one that anyone will want to find inwardly.

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