Ucic - Colori e vernici dal 1925

An acrylic neutral transparent glaze of high quality for indoor and outdoor applications, purposely studied to create marvellous decorative effects.

Dealing with the kind of working choosen (by brush, sea–sponge, pad, glove etc.), it is possibile to suggest numberless aesthetic solutions, which remind to ancient decorations and, at the meantime, able to give to the support a considerable transpiration and weathering fastness.


In order to reach excellent results, it is previously necessary to clean very carefully the surface to be treaten, taking care to remove the old non-perfectly adhering paints, by applying one coat of our acrylic fixative-sealant,
Decorprimer. Then it is possible to proceed with the application of one or two coats of our acrylic water-based paint Decorfondo.

After 8 hours (approx.) from the application of Decorfondo, it is possibile to overcoat Velatura previously coloured with
our acrylic colours Cyberlux (metallic effect) and Spectra (mother-of-pearl effect).

For an elegant and very nice visual result, we suggest to apply Velatura in a contrasting tint with the colour of the primer.

The final effect of the glaze depends on the tools choosen and on the painter’s skill and imagination.

For obtaining particularly metallic and mother-of-pearl effects, it is necessary to use from 20% up to 50% of Cyberlux or Spectra mixed with Velatura.

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