Glitter Acrylic Colours | Cyberglit

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Acrylic colours with metal sparkling in 8 intermixable tints to embellish every surface made of any material utilized in craft works (paper, cardboard, terracotta, gypsum, wood, glass, canvas, fabrics, cloth, ceramics, polystyrene etc…).

Cyberglit is characterized by an high content of fine polyester resin flakes with coloured mirror finish (glitters), non abrasive, with equal size, which give a marvellous longlasting brilliance.

The light reflection, thanks to its content of glitters is such to make almost luminescent the covered support.

It is possible to mix them to Neocolor Addensante-Heavy Gel Medium, to obtain particular textured effects or strong reliefs.

Cyberglit is ready to use and normally it does not require thinning.

They can be applied by brush, rag or roll and the cleaning of tools must be made with water and soap. Moreover, it is possible to utilize them to make precious details for interior wall decorations.

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