Metallic Colours| Cyberlux

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Water-thinnable acrylic colours with metallic effects.

Cyberlux colours reproduce the look of precious metals and represent a valid alternative to the traditional “golden leaf technique”.

All Cyberlux colours may be used pure or mixed together to obtain numberless intermediate colours and special shades, which are much appreciated in the fine art field and for wall decorations.

Cyberlux colours are extremely resistant for outdoor use.

You can apply Cyberlux by brush, roller or spraygun, as supplied or thinned with 5-10 % of water, on a wide range of surfaces such as glass, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, papiermaché, plaster, polystyrene, terracotta, clay, gypsum.

The metallic effects of Cyberlux are particularly suitable also for cloth and fabrics.

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