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Interference acrylic colours which give an impressive (strong) visual impact in decoration and in craft works, in modern paint techniques and in wall decorations.

They turn into different tonalities, as the perspective of light changes, they are resistant to light, permanent, flexible and applicable on paper, cardboard, canvas, gypsum, glass, terracotta, wood, plastic, fabrics, cloth, wall, etc..

If the primer colour is white or pale, the interference effect is lesser evident than on a dark or black primer colour.

It is possible to add to Kaleidos colours small quantities of other Ucic acrylic colours or acrylic colours of other brands, to invent a whole range of new shades.

Kaleidos colours are applicable by brush, rag, roll, airbrush and the cleaning of tools requires only water and soap.

In order to embellish interior wall decoration, it is possible to use them mixed to Velatura or to lime paints, as Exedra, to obtain a stucco wall with peculiar interference effect.

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