Luminescent Colours| Lumen

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Water-thinnable acrylic luminescent colours for fine arts, writings, advertising posters, scenographies, show-windows, exhibitions, school usage, special effects, cloth and fabrics.

Lumen colours are available in two series: a fluorescent one in nine tints from 20 to 29 and a phosphorescent one in the single tint Phosphor 30.

Fluorescence is characterized by the exceptional brightness and “sunny vividness” of colours, while phosphorescence is featured by the power of absorbing light and retransmitting it in complete darkness, for a period as long as absorption time.

All Lumen colours must be utilized pure or mixed among them. If exposed to the black light of Wood lamp, the whole range of LUMEN colours shows wonderful psychedelic effects.

Lumen colours can be used also on fabrics and casual clothes.

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