Neocolor Trasparente Lucido

Glossy acrylic product suitable as finishing coat for adding “lustre” to every kind of acrylic colours. It is possible to mix this product with other acrylic UCIC colours (in a percentage of 10-20%), in order to improve the brilliant effect or up to 100-200% for trasforming them into transparent colours, similar to watercolours without a reduction of the originary viscosity and brilliance

Neocolor Trasparente Lucido utilized as supplied is an excellent primer-finish with a waterproofing action on porous material, such as wood, brick, cloth, etc..

Plastic packaging: 60 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 5 litres

Neocolor Trasparente Opaco

Acrylic matt product suitable as finishing coat directly on all kinds of acrylic colours in order to tone down, totally or partially, the glossy effect.

It is possible to mix it up to 50 – 100% with other UCIC acrylic colours for turning them into matt shades and at the same time to make them transparent as watercolours.

The gloss of these colours will change, depending on the percentage of mixture, up to obtain transparent effects.

Plastic packaging: 60 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 5 litres

Neocolor Trasparente Addensante

Acrylic heavy gel medium, it presents itself as liquid when supplied.

Neocolor Trasparente Addensante thickens immediately, if added and mixed in proportion of 5% - 10% with any kind of acrylic colours with which, generally, it is perfectly compatible. In few minutes it transforms fluid and liquid colours applicable only by brush, into very viscous ones and then applicable by putty knife. The obtained coloured paste keeps perfectly the tint and the originary gloss.

Plastic packaging: 60 ml, 250 ml, 5 litres

Neocolor Ritardante

Water-soluble glycol-based clear liquid to mix to any water-based acrylic colour before or during the application.

Neocolor Ritardante retards the evaporation of water and therefore prolongs the drying time of film. After mixing with any kind of our acrylic products it is particularly suitable for pictorial decoupage, as the extension of the drying time helps the creation of any desired shades.

Plastic packaging: 60 ml, 5 litres

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