Matt Acrylic Colours | Neocolor Hobby

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Water-based acrylic matt and fluid colours ready to use, easily applicable by brush, with high-covering power, particulary suited for the hobby decoration, the decoupage technique, modern paint techniques and the decoration in kind.

Acrylic colours Neocolor Hobby are permanent and flexible and adhere very well to whichever support: paper, cardboard, clay, gypsum, salt paste, wood, stones, glass, metal, plastic, fabrics, polystyrene, canvas, ceramics, terracotta, shells, wall.

They are mixable to our Medium range of products, in order to create marvellous decorative or matheric effects and can be overcoated by our protecting varnishes.

The Neocolor Hobby colours are applied by brush, rag, sponge,
roll or airbrush and the cleaning of tools must be made with water and soap. The tints are intermixable among them to obtain an huge range of shades.

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