Water-Based Creamy Pastes
Nirvana Hobby & Texture Hobby

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Water-based metallic cream with interference effect available in golden or silver version. The creamy texture of Nirvana Hobby allows an application by spatula, by brush or by roller. For an interference effect: after applying a thin coat of Nirvana Hobby, dry for a few minutes and then proceed by spatula in crossed and irregular coats. We suggest to apply the product on smooth and big surfaces as furniture and for the modern – design gifts. Stir well the product before use.

Plasic packaging : 250 ml

Paste Materiche - Texture Hobby

Water-based white paste, easy to use, for tridimensional – relief decorations. Texture Hobby is available smooth (Texture Hobby Liscia) or with sand (Texture Hobby Sabbia). It can be mixed with all the products of the I COLORI DELLE IDEE line before the application or overcoated after drying. The drying time of Texture Hobby depends on the thickness of the product and the environmental conditions: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 hours. For a crackling effect: after the application of a thin coat of Texture Hobby Liscia, dry the surface with a hairdryer. In this way, there will appear irregular cracks on the surface like the crackle effect. Stir well the product before use.

Plastic packaging: 250 ml

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