Superacrylic Colours | Tempex

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Water-based acrylic superwashable matt colours highly resistant to weathering suitable for restoration works, advertising, trompe-l’oeil, hobby works.

Tempex colours are really opaque, superesistant to atmospheric agents, to light and temperature changes . They are superwashable for inside and outside restoration of ancient artistic buildings, for billboards, advertising posters, indoor or outdoor paintings on plaster, mural paintings, etc..

Tempex colours tenaciously stick to lime and “scagliola” plaster, on walls, concrete, stone, masonite, paper, plasticine, cloth and fabrics and in general to any painted surface, as long as these are firstly roughened by sandpaper and degreased with detergents.

Tempex colours are ideal for the decoupage technique.

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