Wood Transparent Stainers | Xilart

Ucic - Colors and paints since 1925

Water-based transparent acrylic colours specifically formulated as primers or finishing coats for any raw wood support: match boardings, drawer sets, frames, furnishing items, objects, etc. The Xilart colours particularly fit to exalt the natural grain of wood and they are moreover suitable on porous and absorbing surfaces as paper, cardboard, papier mâché, cloth, straw, wicker (rattan), bamboo, plywood, hardboard, etc. The Xilart colours are ideal to obtain thin protective, lightfast, water and mildew resistant layer and to give surfaces agreeable coloured transparencies in the decoupage technique. The range of Xilart is available in nine intermixable tints, besides Glossy Neutral W1, Satin Neutral W2, Pearl-Like Glossy Neutral W12.

Plastick packaging : 250 ml

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