Topcoat Varnishes

Rotoflex Monofase

Water – based glossy transparent varnish suitable to obtain crackle finishes in twocontrasting
tints (country style).

Plastic packaging: 60 ml, 250 ml

Rotoflex Bifase

Water – based glossy transparent varnish in two phases (A and B), suitable to obtain small and middle – wide crackle finishes.

Plastic packaging: 60 ml, 250 ml

Xilart Tix

Water–based thixotropic transparent varnish in two versions: gloss one and matt one. Xilart Tix is an acrylic gel ready to use and can be applied as finishing coat for fine arts and for hobby works, restoration and decoupage works. Thanks to its gelling formula, it is enough to apply one coat on almost any surfaces

Plastic packaging: 250 ml

Contatto Hobby

Transparent and matt water-based finishing with soft-touch effect, suitable to apply on smooth surfaces as furniture, interior fittings and walls. We suggest to use the product, when it is advisable to add to the decorated support a velvety aspect, pleasant to touch and a soft, harmonious sensation to sight. The product can be applied by a short-bristle roller or by brush. We suggest to apply at least two coats of the product to obtain a uniform andsmooth surface. Stir well before use.

Plastic packaging: 250 ml

Lucidina Hobby

Nitroalcoholic glossy and non yellowing finish, suitable for coating and protecting decoupage and craft works, such as fine art creations.

Glass bottles: 250 ml


Natural resin–based, alcoholic glossy varnish of dark amber colour. It fits for ageing finishes on any surfaces.

Glass bottles: 250 ml


Dark brown/black shaded liquid bitumen, suitable to obtain an ageing glazing effect. It fits perfectly for underlining crackle effects obtainable by using crackle paints.

Glass bottles: 250 ml

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