T45 - Special for plaster-board high coverage super washable water-based paint

T45 - Superlavabile speciale cartonegesso

Acrylic Water-based wall paint for interiors/exteriors. Designed to reach the highest performance levels, this paint has excellent coverage, resistance to washing, masking qualities and a perfectly matt appearance.

Thanks to its special formula, the product can be applied directly to plaster-board sections without primer, it has good adhesion to joint seams as long as they are free of dust. 

Application without the use of the primer is almost always possible, even on wall surfaces before worksite inspection. In addition, it is possible to perform nearly invisible touch-ups even in the strongest colors, both with application by brush and roller.

Thanks to its high level of water vapor permeability, this product can be used for painting especially humid areas (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) or plasters having moderate humidity levels. Rapid drying time permits the application of two coats of the product over a brief time period. The binder has excellent resistance to alkali.

The appropriately calibrated rheology reduces dripping during application.

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