T72 - Technosil quarz

Is a water based outdoor paint with a base of selected fine granulometry quartz, high quality extenders, and acrylic-siloxanic resins in aqueous dispersion alkalis resistant.

Thanks to the specific  formulation, the product has an high resistance to the atmospheric agents but at the same time does not alter the water vapor transmission.

It performs excellent covering power; the dry film looks very matt, similar to the mineral based product‘s one.

With features like anti-algae, high water repellence, T72 has following performance:

  • Excellent hiding power and yield
  • Looks perfectly matt
  • Prevents lichen and algae on the painted areas
  • Low grip for dust and pollution
  • Low water absorption (W = 0,120 kg/m2)
  • Good vapor diffusion (Sd = 0.220 mt)
  • Exterior walls protection DIN 18550, based
    on Kunzel theory(Sd<2 mt  W<0,5 kg/m2)
According to these features the product is specific for the protection of walls even in difficult  and aggressive environments.

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