T74 - Technosil paint

T74 - Technosil paint

Is a water based paint for interior or exterior use, formulated with the ultimate available technology  in the field of siloxanic dispersion, performs a very high waterproof and good vapor diffusion.

It can be applied on different kind of plasters, it maintains its resistance even in harsh environments, such as marine and industrial settings or climates with sharp seasonal temperature differences.

With features like high water repellence its formula helps to prevent the effects of the atmospheric agents, lichens and algae on the treated area, keeping it in better conditions aesthetic/functional for a long time.

The matt aspect  and the chemical structure of the siloxanic polymer (molecular matrix = silica) allow to get very matt surfaces and very similar to the mineral based product’s ones.

Excellent coverage power and yield, the product has following performance:

  • Looks completely matt
  • Prevents from lichens and/or algae on the painted areas
  • Low grip for dust
  • Low water absorption(W = 0,038 kg/m2)
  • Excellent diffusion of water vapor (Sd = 0,054mt)
  • Fulfils DIN regulation 18550, exterior walls protection based on Kunzel theory (Sd<2 mt W<0,5kg/m2)
According to these features the product is specific for the protection of walls even in difficult  and aggressive environments.

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